La Petite Réserve Blonde 33cl x 24
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La Petite Réserve Blonde 33cl x 24

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La Petite Réserve is an artisanal ale brewed in Belgium since 2017. It is a concentrate of our lighthearted Belgian spirit mixed with a touch of avant-garde boldness and extravagance.


Alcohol : 6.7 % • EBC : 12 • IBU : 35  • Content :  33cl / 330ml

Ingredients :  Barley malts (3 types), 3 types of Hops (Northern Brewer, Centennial and Saaz), Abbey Yeast and water. No filtration, no pasteurisation.

Serving :  Enjoy at an ideal temperature of 6 to 8°C, served in a « wine » type glass tilted to serve and straighten to create a neck of creamy foam.

Exotic fruits aromas, subtle notes of bitterness and a long and perfectly balanced finish are its characteristics.